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Mr. Acosta is a competent professional who always had my best interest in mind; I like that he can maintain customer confidentiality. He always treated me politely and respectfully based on his firm’s policies and procedures. He never missed a scheduled meeting, was always on time, was always organized, and we worked as a team. He is family-oriented and has always presented himself with respect and grace. I owed a debt of gratitude to him for his service and support.

– Lorena

I hired Mr. Acosta to help with a probate matter. He answered my questions quickly, researched what had to be done, filed the petition and finished what I hired him to do. Through it all, he kept me apprised of what he was doing and quickly responded to all my questions. This was a welcome relief because he was replacing an attorney who did the complete opposite – he did not let me know about the status of filings and did not return my inquiries. Mr. Acosta brought great comfort to me because of his honest communication with me. I also appreciated his use of technology and electronic signatures. I highly recommend him.

​– Anita

I was very fortunate to have such a fine example of a lawyer who took on my case with knowledge of the legal system and the passion to negotiate with honesty and integrity, avoiding a potential life-changing financial crisis. Thanks to Byron, I came out of the situation, avoiding a more expensive jury trial with his ability to get all charges not only dropped but to protect me from future lawsuits regarding this lawsuit.

​– Kevin

What can I say? My attorney, Byron Acosta, was incredible, professional and courteous. I would recommend him to anyone without a doubt. He came through all the way and helped me tremendously!!

– Nelson