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Commercial Disputes Require Experienced Legal Representation

Florida is a hub for businesses of all sizes, from small local enterprises to major international corporations. The state’s booming economy and business-friendly climate have led to a steady stream of commercial disputes and transactions requiring skilled legal counsel. Commercial law in Florida covers a broad spectrum of matters critical to companies operating in the state.

Because business law is extremely complicated, you’ll need an experienced commercial litigator to help you navigate these legal proceedings and ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws. You can call on lawyer Byron Acosta at Byron Acosta, P.A., for guidance and support regardless of the types of business disputes you encounter.

Attorney Acosta is devoted to protecting the interests of businesses engaged in high-stakes commercial disputes. Because it’s a boutique law firm, clients enjoy direct communication with the attorney, not an associate.

Addressing Business Litigation Concerns

Attorney Acosta places emphasis on the following core areas of commercial litigation:

Breach of contract claims

Contracts form the backbone of most business dealings, governing obligations and expectations between parties. When one party fails to fulfill its contractual duties, this can constitute a breach of contract. Breaches of contract can arise due to issues such as nonpayment, failure to deliver goods, violation of non-compete or non-disclosure clauses, or early terminations of contract.

Attorney Acosta can help you arrange a settlement with the other party for a breach of contract claim. Alternatively, he can also take your case to trial. He’s admitted to both state and federal courts, so you can solely rely on attorney Acosta if the case moves to a different court.

Landlord/tenant disputes

Disagreements between landlords and tenants are an unfortunate but common occurrence, whether the property is for residential or commercial use. Landlord/tenant conflicts can stem from issues such as nonpayment of rent, violations of the lease agreement terms, housing code violations and disputes over security deposits.

Attorney Acosta primarily represents landlords in landlord/tenant litigation for both residential and commercial properties across Florida. His extensive experience allows him to guide landlord clients through the complexities of the state’s residential and commercial landlord-tenant laws.


For many businesses, the ability to extend credit and secure transactions with collateral like equipment, vehicles, or inventory is critical to cash flow and operations. However, when a lessee or borrower stops making payments on a secured obligation, the creditor must act quickly to recover the collateral through repossession or replevin actions.

Attorney Acosta represents many businesses in Florida seeking to enforce their secured interests and reclaim property through repossession or replevin actions. He guides clients through every step, from analyzing the controlling agreements to strategizing the right approach for recovery.

The Business And Commercial Resolutions You Need

Call Byron Acosta, P.A., at 561-708-4777 or reach out via email to learn how attorney Acosta can help your business with its legal needs. Byron Acosta, P.A., provides business and commercial litigation services in the Lake Worth, St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade areas, and also accepts clients throughout Florida. Consultations are free. Flexible payment plans are also available.